The Whites Wines



Made from Sauvignon grapes, it produces a dry white wine. Its fruitiness and freshness make a wine you like to drink rather young, with notes of citrus, white fruits and exotic.


"Cuvée Henri" Chenin sec

Noble grape variety, Chenin built his reputation with his natural predisposition to aging. Warm aromas of dried apricot, almond, pear and honey on a beautiful freshness of mouth.

  • Chardon Domaine de l'Aumonier

Chenonceaux Blanc


This wine is the expression of Sauvignon Blanc on a terroir "delimited" of the  Chenonceaux appellation.

At the domain, we decided to take more time for this "cuvées" with an aging for a minimum of 12 months before being marketed.

You will discover how the sauvignon is interesting on the register of maturing !


The  Red Wines



It gives traditionally a red wine light and fruity. Pleasantly flavoured, it exhales red fruit notes that are an expression of his youth.


 Cuvée Louis

Happy blend of Cabernet Franc and Malbec, this is a generous wine. Its aromas of blackcurrant and raspberry make a delicious and silky wine.


L' Acôtlyte

In a maturing mind, this blend of Malbec is aged in barrels of 2,3 and 4 wines for a period of 10 to 12 months.The fruit is black and fun, tanins are rounded  giving way to a flavoured fruit .


Les Arpents

Blend made with a most part of Cabernet Franc, it gives a structured and aromatic red. The fineness of wood and maturing make it a nice complexity of aromas of cassis, raspberries and make a delicious and silky wine.



Every year since 2011 we have been making  a cuvée of our red varieties with no added sulphur, offering a different surprise each time depending  on our inspiration and the potentiel  we sense.


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The  Sparkling ...


Les Fines Bulles de Touraine

From the Chenin grape, fine bubbles Touraine are another possible expression of this grape developed in brut, dry or semi-dry. Maturing minimum 9 months on laths.






Les Fines Bulles Rosé

Blend of several varietals carefully measured, this wine is fruity and refreshing! A delight  for the palate.


Le Crémant de Loire

After harvesting by hand, this blend Chenin - Chardonnay receives a minimum aging of 12 months before being marketed.

Maturity, freshness and finesse characterize this wine.